The Truth

I’ve been having issues with the content I’ve been posting on YouTube. When I set out to start getting back on the YouTube grind, I told myself I was going to be honest, genuine, authentic in every way possible.

However, I’ve been unable to be authentic because I’ve been omitting pieces of my stories to hide the truth.

For example, a few minutes after I published the video where I got fired – my co-worker in the video texted me to take down her part in the video.

What was the part? It shows my co-workers crying and also shows us having a drink afterward. I believe it’s a crucial part of the story because it shows vulnerability… it shows heart… it shows that I was liked at work.

And it’s a great transition to the next scene…

It hurt because when I was filming said scene, she gave me permission to use the content. In addition, I even showed her the clip before I published the video. It just sucks. I worked really hard on the video…

I’m talking 3 weeks and many hours putting it together to make a story that I felt worked. I love the original version (unlisted below)… it’s something I can watch over and over and over again.

But now, the new version on my channel. I can’t stand to watch a minute of it because to me… it doesn’t make sense. The original is genuine. The new on the channel isn’t…


I have a series on my channel where I traveled across the country without my cell phone. I’m going to be straight up – I spent over $3k on the idea of this trip. I paid for the flights, the gas, hotels, food, and the fact that two girls dropped out unexpectedly.

And, to top it all off – the people who came on this trip with me… were horrible. Well, not Romain. Only Will.

Will and I got into multiple fights, he was rude, and nothing came together on the trip. Therefore, when it was finally time to edit the piece… I was in disarray. I hated myself for participating and doing something that was… NOT. ME.

And now more than ever I’m trying to do all I can to figure out who I am… I’m trying to find my voice again.

There is a lesson here:

In this crazy world of social media, I believe the people who make it are the ones who seem to be the most genuine. Therefore, I’m going to need to work harder, I need to be more comfortable on camera, I need to be more honest with my work.

I hope it shows it my next video: which I’m posting later this week (October 30th). Remember – don’t do anything that isn’t you.

Thank you for listening.
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